Increasing Happiness and weight loss techniques

Happiness App

Use the Happiness  :simple and quick app to increase happiness in your life. It is easy to use and shows results quickly and easily.

The android version is available here to download now (free)  HappyApp on google play .

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The training consists of selecting the one “happy” face, which is surrounded by unhappy faces. This activity retrains our minds to focus on positive aspects and to ignore non helpful sources. The effort of actively selecting to focus on positive options retrains our brains to be on the look out for positive signs. This focus on the positive has a direct effect on how we feel, put simply focusing on positive things makes us feel better. This often referred to as What you think is what you feel’ (‘WUTIWUF’) by researchers and therapist.

Weight Loss

Use WeightLoss :simple and quick to reprogram your mind to eat healthily.  Automatically turn away from problem foods and be drawn to healthy options. Based on cognitive bias modification techniques which have proven effective in many clinical and real world studies.

The android version is available here to download (free)NOTE:from the the middle of february!! .HappyApp on google play.

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